Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back from New Yawk

We're back in The Netherlands. No pictures of New York; my 6 month old camera died just as I was taking a pretty picture of a dish of John Dory with Black Truffles at a restaurant called Winter. It was too bad the camera couldn't even live a few more minutes to allow me to take a picture of the Broccoli and Cheetos (yum!) side order.

The city in which I previously discovered Swiffers, on-line grocery shopping, crazy people on the subway and some part of myself still looks the same. It doesn't feel the same though - the people are subdued and anxious, and you can feel it in the crisp winter air. There's less aggressiveness, more thoughtfulness, and the daily whoosh that gave the city its energy seems to be gone.

Still, my previous stomping grounds entertained me for the two weeks or so that L was stuck in meetings. There are many new pleasant memories:

- Riding the Metro North to visit GA and her kids, S and T, in Connecticut. 
- Seeing AY for the first time since we graduated from high school, walking around Midtown East with her, buying candy for her daughter and drinking lots of coffee.
- A wonderful seafood dinner at the Fulton with L's professor and his wife.
- Spending the afternoon with ME at the Whitney, Serendipity and some random dive.
- Korean fried chicken with BL and JL, and because L and I had to go back for more, with Auntie E.
- Introducing Filipino food to our Indian friends based in New York at Cendrillon.
- Hanging out with my cousins at a bar in Times Square.
- Barbecue with DA, MA, JE, JL and BL at Hill Country.
- Having delicious Malaysian food with 3 of my high school classmates in, of all places, Little Italy.
- Valentine's Night double date with L, BL and JL, at my favorite restaurant in New York City (Brooklyn is still NYC!), Tanoreen
- Random lunch with L at the best fast food chain in the world, Chipotle.
- Buying 8 new books at the Strand for dirt cheap prices.
- Eventually tiring of fine dining, ditching a restaurant reservation, staying at CC's apartment and ordering take out from Holy Basil. 

Many thanks to JL and BL, with whom we stayed a few nights. You guys are great.

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