Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kroller Mueller Museum

The Kroller Mueller Museum is located about two hours away from The Hague. Getting there involved two train rides, two bus rides and a bicycle ride through a national park. Good thing the bicycles were free:

The museum is rather eclectically curated, with modern art, post-modern sculptures and byzantine (!) pieces. The museum is also known for housing a hundred or so sketches and paintings by Van Gogh, which are arguably better than those found in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. His most famous painting is here, and here's a pictures of the stars:

The sculpture garden was fun to take pictures of too:
After the museum closed, L and I cycled around the national park and saw this, the most bizarre landscape in the Netherlands:

Cycling Across the Dunes

Taking advantage of the glorious weather, L and I decided to quit Apple TV one Saturday and go biking. We used a bicycle (and horse) trail which took us through the dunes of Scheveningen:
The trail had "secret" exits to the beach, so after about two hours of cycling, L and I parked and sat on the beach:

After enjoying the nice (European standards) beach, L and I continued to bike across town. We got to the port:

and sort of ended our cycling trip with a home brew at a "brown cafe" (the Dutch version of a pub):

Queen's Night

The Dutch love celebrating their annual Queen's Day, but as L and I found out, they enjoy partying the night before even more. Apparently, the entire Netherlands decides to get drunk on Queen's night, and the biggest party is in The Hague, right in front of our apartment:

The apartment below ours was set up for a DJ, and the entire building shook and was well lit until five a.m. the next morning.

I think we might skip Queen's Night next year, with all due respect to the Queen.

Westbroek Park

I found myself with nothing to do on a nice sunny day, and I decided to take a tram to Westbroek Park to indulge in reading while sunning myself under a warm-ish sun. Apparently, some people thought of doing the same, and there were picnic baskets everywhere:

Luckily, I found a bench in a quiet place by a stream, where I could happily be my anti-social self (with help, ironically, from Jack Kerouac):

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Alive

I'll be posting stuff soon. I've been busy, and an extremely slow internet connection hasn't put me in the blogging mood. I'm trying to locate our landlord, but he seems to have left us and our internet problems for the south of France.�

As they say in France, "oh, crap!"