Sunday, December 12, 2010

Venice, Here we are again!

After my parents returned from their cruise, Auntie E decided to join all of us for a four day trip to Venice. My father remarked he had never been there before, and so of course, "Why not go to Venice?"

You've seen the pictures I posted about two years ago, and I apologize if I didn't pull my camera out enough on this trip. With photography, you sometimes  miss what you see as you angle for the perfect shot. This time I wanted to look. And now, though without pictures, I remember Venice well, beautiful yet so fragile, eerie and magnificent. L says it is his favorite place, and it is one of mine.

The Regatta on the Grand Canal

On the Rialto

Venetian rooftops

The quirky island of Burano, with the best risotto ever