Sunday, January 9, 2011

New (Year x Jersey x York)

And so in the blink of an eye L and I found ourselves on New Year's Day on a plane back to New Jersey.

There are always many things to do in that part of the world, and L and I tried to do what we could.

There was feasting, of course:

Filipino food in New Jersey (where else?)

Scarpetta with W in the Meatpacking District (good, but not as good as I expected. The RawYellowtail was the best dish I tasted. L's pomodoro, which was reputedly the best in NYC, was somewhat disappointing)

Los Hermanos in Brooklyn (fantastic hole in the wall Mexican food place populated, oddly enough, with hipsters from Williamsburg and Mexican workers packing tortillas into boxes factory style. Best tacos and enchiladas tasted on this trip!)

Extra Virgin in the West Village (sorry, no pictures, but the food was perfectly satisfactory)

Tanoreen in Brooklyn (my favorite restaurant in New York. It's delicious Middle Eastern/Mediterranean cuisine and very affordable; its a pilgrimage to this place every time I'm in town)

L and I also spent an afternoon in the Met museum. We've been here a number of times before, but there always is something new to see:

We walked around the city enough to get us wistful:

And watched La Traviata at the (other) Met at Lincoln Center:

Bye, New York! See you again soon.