Sunday, November 14, 2010


(A card reader has been purchased, and I am back in business.)

Some photos from our trip to Barcelona in July of this year. L was there to speak at a conference, and I flew in for a long weekend. We were joined there by wonderful T and D, who shared many, bounteous, glorious meals with us.

La Rambla. Tricksters, Tourists and Tweeting Birds.

La Boqueria. Made me hungry, and probably one of the most fascinating markets I've ever seen.

La Sagrada Familia. An outside shot of the oldest part of the building.

Here's a shot of the inside. Gaudi wanted to recreate nature, and hence the tree-like columns. Hopefully I'll be able to see this when it's all done.

Park Guell. Gaudi's answer to the English garden.

We were there during the weekend of the World Cup Finals. On the Saturday before the match between Spain and Netherlands (yes, by coincidence, we had to be away from the Netherlands when it was playing the finals, and against Spain no less) there was a huge pro-Catalan, anti-Spain rally going on all over Barcelona:

and when Spain won the next day, the Catalans were all out on the streets again (because players from FC Barcelona won the game, as the people took pains to emphasize)

L and I being, naturally, L and myself, you can predict we were there primarily for the food. And yes, Spain is definitely becoming a rival to Italy over my (European) food heart.