Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Westbroek Park

I found myself with nothing to do on a nice sunny day, and I decided to take a tram to Westbroek Park to indulge in reading while sunning myself under a warm-ish sun. Apparently, some people thought of doing the same, and there were picnic baskets everywhere:

Luckily, I found a bench in a quiet place by a stream, where I could happily be my anti-social self (with help, ironically, from Jack Kerouac):


Junieroyale said...

Who's Jack kerouac? Is that near the Central Station?

G said...

Hey Junie! Jack Kerouac is a famous writer from the 1950s and started the "Beat Generation". He's known for writing about traveling all over America, and being drunk and high the whole way. :)