Thursday, December 24, 2009


Still sunburned from Africa, L and I returned to the Low Countries and snow. Thoroughly tired, we totally forgot that we signed up with work colleagues for a wine tour in Burgundy, France that weekend. Still marveling at how we could go from eating local ugali in East Africa to sipping le vin de Bourgogne in two days, L and I managed to enjoy ourselves. All we had to do was hop into a mini van with six other winos after all.

Our Gite was in the little village of Beaune, which was beautiful. The winter light gave it an eerie quality, and though I expect this place would be glorious in the summertime, I wouldn't mind going back here again next winter. Here are some pictures I took during the wine tour (pretty good haul - three wineries and 20 bottles, including some Cremant for the holidays):

We also visited the local Hospices de Beaune, a perfectly preserved hospital from the Middle Ages: