Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One Day We'll Realize Why Brussels Is Cool

I realized that we've been to Brussels more times than to any other European city, and this includes Amsterdam. This is somewhat disturbing, considering that I don't really like the city that much. It's grey and somewhat dirty, and there's not much to see.

Still, our social lives revolve heavily around friends who live in Brussels, and I suppose that explains why we would spend two and a half hours in a crowded commuter train (each way) once a month or so. There's the food too, but after last Saturday's mussels with snail butter extravaganza, I think I'm laying off mussels for the foreseeable future:

Why were we there? A dinner with friends, of course, in a small grand town called Liege in Wallonia. We took a train to Brussels and hitched a ride with fabulous friends DP and TZ. At Liege, C and V, who lived in a house I would want to have when I grow up, hosted a perfectly satisfying dinner with a peppery arugula salad, a seafood lasagna stunner, cherry pie, and an impressive array of wines (a 1996 Rioja, anyone?).  Halloween night, European style.

We slept at DP and TZ's palace that night, and after a Persimmon the following morning, L and I were off, stopping for pictures at random places:

and at the local supermarket for wines and beers we could take back to the land of Heineken, Gouda and melk.