Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tuscany Day 1: Chianti and Fonte de Medici

Oh, Toscana!

It's hard to write about Tuscany without using superlatives, which, I realized, I have been using all too-often for this blog. But, really, how can you not? I can perhaps complain about the heat, or the dust, or the millions of tourists doing the same thing we were doing, or maybe the one or two snooty locals we encountered, but really, I can't. Toscana was pretty enough to want to pinch, to eat, to smell, to hug to yourself while shouting, "Mine!"

But I am getting ahead of proper blog story telling.

L and I were scheduled to attend a wedding of two friends in Chianti Classico, in the north of Italy. When we realized that fabulous friend CC would be with us in The Hague at that time, we took full advantage of the situation and got her to travel with us for a week and half all over Tuscany. Being fabulous and fun, CC of course said yes.

After a two hour flight to Florence and a short cab ride to Santa Maria Novella train station, CC bid us a temporary three day adieu - L and I were to travel to the heart of Chianti Classico for the wedding and CC was to travel to Milan and Lake Como. We were to meet back in Florence after 3 days.

It was a Friday, and the wedding was to be held on Sunday. We were staying at a villa called Fonte de Medici in the middle of Chianti country.

Lunch was light, just some prosciutto e melone for me, and a pasta for L:
The rest of the afternoon was spent checking out our hotel, and walking around the vineyards and olive groves around it:

L was in some sort of trance, and actually considered using his facebook status for the first time ever (he wanted to type in: L is in paradise), but he decided to start trying the wines instead. Here are pictures of (sigh!) dinner: