Friday, January 9, 2009

Venice Day 3.5 (01 Jan 09): Snow, San Marco and other Spectacular Sights

It snowed last night, so here are some pretty pictures of Venice on the first day of 2009:

 L and I spent most of the day roaming the Piazza San Marco and its small streets. Piazza San Marco, said Napoleon, is Europe’s Best Drawing Room, and I think it still lives up to the compliment. Here is a picture of the piazza facing the Adriatic Sea, taken from the Basilica San Marco:

The Basilica itself is quite unlike anything else - so opulent, so Byzantine. Pictures weren’t allowed inside, but here’s a picture I was able to take from outside:

L and I had a late lunch by eating cichetti, Italy's version of tapas. We had assorted seafood:

and marinated anchovies (yum!):

L and I also wandered through the tiny streets to towards the Rialto Bridge. Here's a view of the Grand Canal from the bridge:

Dinner was again a seafood special. Here’s a picture of Al Vecchio Fritolin, a place that has been around since the 1700s:

My lobster and spinach salad:

L’s crab and mushroom crepe:

My crab roe and gray mullet spaghetti:

L’s fritto misti (a Venetian specialty):

Our pantone gelato:

The next morning was a rush to the Frari, before leaving for Florence. Here’s a picture of the building:

Again, no pictures inside, but Titian was the star here, and I will never forget Bellini’s Madonna and Child.

Florence, here we come.


foodielou said...

does the pork lard taste like hamon serrano without the lean meat?

G said...

Hello foodielou!

It's not salty, unlike the jamon serrano - it actually has a buttery/nutty taste. It also doesn't have that "fat" taste that you would expect.