Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marrakech Day 5 (10 Jan 09): The Atlas Mountains

We took a trip to Ourika Valley in the High Atlas Mountains today, and our amiable driver Abdul was patient with our addiction to taking pictures of the Moroccan countryside - snow on mountains, green vegetable fields and cacti growing on sand within a two hour drive from Marrakech:

We also saw a couple of souks on the way:

as well as a Berber home:

We also saw, perhaps for the first time in my life, a Dromedary, a small camel with one hump (I may have seen one in a zoo, but I obviously wasn't paying attention):

After two hours of getting on and off the car to take pictures, we finally arrived at the little town of Setti Fatma, where we were told we could take a "brisk walk" to the Walk of the Seven Waterfalls. "Brisk Walk" was apparently a bad translation from Arabic to English, as it turned out to be a major hike. We had to climb over big river boulders, and were only helped along the way by the helpful balancing hand of our amazing Berber guide, who, as may be expected from someone who has been climbing rocks since infancy, gave a whole new twist to the word agile. Here are some pictures from the climb (noticeably, not a lot, as my hands were busy grasping at anything to help me keep my balance):

We had a late lunch at a cafe by a river. Louie had skewers and I had Berber tagine (chicken with vegetables):
And our delicious, simple dessert - oranges with cinammon:

This was the last major day of our vacation, and we flew back to The Hague the next day. That was a good one, L!

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