Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marrakech Day 4 (09 Jan 09): Walking

Unlike the cities in Italy we visited, there are no major tourist attractions in Marrakech. Instead, you should let the city, as a whole, charm you. 

L and I devoted today to just wandering around the city, aimlessly, without any set agenda (except for dinner). We walked around these walls of pink, with men and women in colorful jalabas, donkeys and carts, spices and figs, oranges and ornate buildings so different from what we usually see in our part of Asia, Europe or America.

We started out at the New City, which looks like any other city, except for the orange trees lining the streets. After an impulse rug buy at an antique dealer, an ATM run and lunch at a chic cafe, L and I made our way to the walls of the Medina:
Upon entering, we got lost and saw these:

For dinner, we went to what was reputably the best restaurant in Marrackech, Al Fassiah, run entirely by women. We had a traditional Moroccan meal (similar to what we had on the first day). We had Harari soup:

Moroccan salad:

Mixed Skewers with Couscous (the proper way to eat it is to put some sauce and some chili on it):

and Lamb Tagine with Tomatoes and Onions:

Judging by how much I loved eating all this, I think I may have been Moroccan in my former life. 

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