Monday, January 19, 2009

Marrakech Day 3 (08 Jan 09): Essaouira, actually

L and I took a break from the pink city and travelled to the blue city of Essaouira near the sea. Morocco is a country of amazing landscapes, and our two and a half hour drive brought us through the beginnings of a desert, snow-capped mountains, green flowering hills and the seaside. Here is an interesting picture of goats on an argan tree, a tree that grows only in southwestern Morocco:

The goats brave climbing the thorny tree to eat the fruit. We tasted oil from the fruit on the way, and it was a bit nuttier than olive oil.

We got to Essaouira at noon, and hit the ground running.

We arrived back in Marrakech early in the evening. L had a hammam and a massage, and we ate delicious lamb tagine with vegetables at the Riad for dinner. (Sorry, no food pictures that night).

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