Monday, December 29, 2008

Rome Day 1 (26 Dec 08): Planes, Trains and Lots of Walking

To save on money, L and I decided to take a circuitous route to Rome, instead of the usual straight flight from Amsterdam to Rome.  From the Hague, L and I took a train to Schipol airport in Amsterdam, got off in London, boarded another plane to Rome Fiumicino airport, and from that airport, took another train to Termini station in Rome. From the train station, we walked ten minutes to our hotel. Twelve hours of travel (instead of a two hour flight) translated into about three hundred Euros in savings, so it was all good! 

After dropping our bags at the hotel, L and I strolled into a crisp winter night and saw this after walking for about thirty minutes: 

 The Trevi Fountain is quite a spectacle – we approached from a blind corner, and out of nowhere, this gigantic (and quite glorious) sculpture filled our entire line of vision. We of course acted like tourists and took tons of pictures.

After staring at the fountain and repelling a number of migrant flower hawkers for a good amount of time, L and I wandered the side streets in search of food. It was almost 11:00 p.m., but fortunately we found a trattoria still serving dinner. I had a saltimbocca alla romana (Roman style veal escalope): 

I loved its sour/salty/creamy taste.

For dessert L and I headed for a gelateria selling, reputedly (according to several guide books and the New York Times), the world’s best gelato: 

It only sold flavors made out of seasonal and all natural ingredients. I had ginger-cinnamon gelato. Weird, but oddly addicting:

Since the Trevi Fountain was on the way back to the hotel, L and I dropped by again for a longer, less crowded, look:

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