Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Dirty Secret

I read all four books in the Twilight series.

It was awful - the writing was sort of sloppy, I hated Bella, I hated Jacob, the plots were too stretched, there were a lot of wrong tenses and I hated Bella.

Despite all these reasons, I finished all four books in two weeks. This was while we were still in Hong Kong, two weeks before we left for the Netherlands. Yes, I finished all two thousand or so pages despite the twelve hour work days, the dinner parties and the packing I had to do every night. Why? These books were irritatingly compelling, predictably amusing and hopelessly romantic.

Have I said I hate this series?


Norge said...

For me, the first book, "Twilight", was the most readable and, um, the "best" of the lot. The 3 other books bordered on yucky (I didn't even get past the first 2 chapters of the last one). That said, I will watch the movie version of "Twilight" (and probably its sequels). - Norge

Junieroyale said...

Hahahaha. The author is a big hornball, she focused more on Edward's "magnificent" body parts.
as told by NiƱa.