Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some sort of stew

I cooked what was supposed to be Irish Stew tonight, and L said it was delicious. I'm not sure if he was being just nice or earnestly truthful but I liked it too. Here's my recipe (apologies, I'm not a fan of strict measurements):


Two packs of stewing beef
A handful of potatoes
A handful of carrots
Two swigs of extra virgin olive oil
Two spoons olive butter
Five stems of thyme
Two onions
 A bulb of garlic
Three spoons (or more) of Worcestershire sauce
A spoon of Tabasco sauce
A small can of tomato paste
Stems of parsley
Water enough for your pot, with a beef bouillon
Two bay leaves


1. Heat olive oil. Add beef and saute until brown on all sides. Then add garlic. Continue to saute for about a minute more.

2. Add beef bouillon (dissolved in water), tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce and thyme. Bring to a boil, then simmer, covered, until step 3 below is done.

3. In another pan, saute potatoes and carrots in olive butter until your arm gets tired and the onion becomes sort of golden. Then, add the vegetables to the stew. 

4. Continue to simmer for about the time it takes to read forty pages of a book (roughly around another hour). Stir occasionally and add salt and pepper to taste. A little tabasco helps too.

5. Remove bay leaves. Serve in a bowl and add parsley on top. 

6. Eat with toasted semi-hard bread (like ciabatta).


This recipe is enough for one dinner serving for me and two dinner servings for L, and one lunch serving for me the next day (these servings might be a little more than those of the average person).

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Junieroyale said...

It looks like really small caldereta