Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Royal Sighting

I woke up this morning to the sound of drums and chatter. I looked out my window and saw hundreds of people wearing orange, crossing in front of my street to the Parliament Building. Despite the major cleaning I had to do in the apartment, my nosy self (and perhaps my lazy self as well) got me pulling on a sweater to check out what was happening outside.

It turns out today was the annual Queen's parade around the Hague. From what I gather, today is the only day in the year that the Queen goes around the Hague and says hello to her constituents. 

I blame the Dutch for being too tall for me to see anything. I was behind everyone, so I wasn't able to see past heads when the royal caravan passed by. Thanks to the unique location of our apartment, however, I was able to see someone who looked important while I was on my way to the grocery. See my mystery royal (in purple):

She looked rather young, so I'm thinking she's one of the Princesses married to one of the Queen's sons. 

Lesson learned for today: I have no paparazzi skills. 

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