Monday, September 29, 2008


Early last Saturday morning, L and I boarded a train for a weekend trip to Brussels. We stayed with our friends (and newly engaged couple) DP and TZ, who also graciously took us around the city (many thanks again DP and TZ!).

I took a lot of pictures of the Grand Place, but my photography skills weren't quite up to framing the scenes aptly. Here are some of my better pictures:

We also ate well in Brussels, as DP and TZ made sure we tried the local fare. I had the following for lunch, dinner and lunch the next day (all good!):


Moules et frites 

Lasagne Chevrette (okay, this doesn't sound like traditional Belgian/Brussels food, but how can you skip lasagna with goat cheese? See also TZ's steak tartar on the right):

I wasn't able to take pictures in the Royal Museum, which had a fantastic collection of paintings by Brugels and Brughels (only the elder Brugel spelled his name without the "h") and by Reubens. For lack of time, L and I unfortunately didn't see the modern collection, which we are definitely going back for some other time. 

I did, however, get to take some other interesting pictures:

The Palais Royal, a Brussels cafe and a dog on a balcony.

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