Monday, September 8, 2008


My father was in Amsterdam over the weekend. Perfect timing, as L. and I needed an excuse (and a place to stay!) for some hard core Amsterdam exploring.

We spent the entire weekend wandering the streets of the city. Amsterdam is old, and you sort of have to marvel at how well its held up despite being built below sea level and on very marshy land. Take a look at the leaning buildings:

Pretty cool, actually.

Good thing the weather cooperated, and we got a bit of sun. Here's a lone rower on one of the hundreds of canals that line the city.

Aside from taking in the historical city, we were also able to visit many of the city's *other* attractions. 

I wasn't able to pick up earlier on the difference between "coffee shop" and "cafe". In search of coffee at around noon, L., my father and I wandered into a respectable looking place with "coffee shop" painted in big bright letters on the front window. After seating ourselves down on the outdoor porch, I noticed a distinct smell, and noticed the people at the table beside us rolling up. With our asian features, gigantic guide books and cameras, we epitomized anachronism. Betcha I'm the only one among you who has ever inhaled marijuana smoke beside their father and husband too! (By the way, did you know these places don't sell alcohol?!?)

After a round of museums, we made our way to the Red Light District (because we were curious!). That place is a true sociological experience! I didn't take any explicit pictures (I thought it would be rude) but here are some interesting shops we saw:

While the *other* attractions of Amsterdam have given the city its reputation among the common tourists, this wonderful town actually has so much to offer. Amsterdam really is a very beautiful, very noble city. I am a fan.

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Manuel said...

Amsterdam's all well and good, G. But we all know L is more of a Hamsterdam kind of guy.