Monday, August 4, 2008

Tokyo Day 4: New Camera, Sumo, Kill Bill and Karaoke

I have a new camera! Quite aptly, the first destination of the day was Tsukiji market, where my little Lumix died. Armed with my new picture taking power, we headed towards the same restaurant we ate at after my camera stopped working. Here's the restaurant, and some pictures of what we ate:

The food looks really simple and familiar, but it tastes much sweeter and more buttery than anything else I've ever tasted before.

L. and I wandered around Tsukiji market after brunch and bought a few things for the house. Here's another picture of the market:
After the market, L. and I took a trip to Ryogoku to see the Sumo Museum. Sumo is apparently a complicated sport, and it was good to learn a little more about it.

L. and I also visited the sights near our hotel: Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace.

L. and I then met up with Mr. and Mrs. MC to have dinner at Gonpachi, an Izakaya (beer and bar chow place)  most famous for being the inspiration for the last scene of Kill Bill. Check it out:

The food was, of course, great as well - we shared an assortment of grilled things (my favorite was the chicken wings) and cold soba.

To check things off our list of stuff to do in Tokyo, we went to a karoke bar named Big Echo near our hotel. Check out all the high-tech machines that help drunk people sing:

And yes, we were singing like Bonnie Tyler.

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