Friday, August 1, 2008

Tokyo Day 1: The Amazing Toilet Bowl

After ridiculous overwork, L. and I got out of Hong Kong today for a break. We left on the first flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo, and together with Mr. MC and Mrs. MC, we vowed to eat the entire city.

Our hotel for the first leg of the trip is The Peninsula Tokyo in the Ginza district, which among its other virtues, boasts of the most high-tech toilet bowl I've ever seen. The cover automatically lifts when it senses you're about to use it, and it automatically closes when you're done. The seat is amazingly warm and the toilet bowl itself has a control panel:

Note the "Massage", "Oscillating" and "Dryer" option, and of course, the suggestive curves.

L. made reservations for dinner at Tenmasa, a restaurant that specializes in tempura. It was the tempura of our lives. We all had ten courses of different tempura dishes, with our own choice of drink (I had a Riesling, the boys had beer and Mrs. MC had cold sake). We had, among others, shrimp, uni,eel, oysters, scallops and the sweetest mushrooms and okras I have ever tasted. Here's a picture of some of our food and our friendly chef:

The restaurant is set up into rooms seating about ten people each, with one tempura chef per room. The oil in which the food is fried is changed every thirty minutes, and is actually a mix of five different kinds of oil, including sunflower and linseed. Oishi!

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