Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Working on a Holiday

It was a holiday today, and I was at work. BBB and I have been trying to close 3 deals (one closed today. Yay!), and there are a ton of other things that need to be done. It is scary, though, when you have conversations like this one:

[phone rings. I pick up phone.]
Client: Hi, [my name].
Me: Hey, [cllient's name].
Client: You know, I have you on top of my speed dial list.

or, this one:

[phone rings at 11:00 p.m.]
Client: Hello, [my name]
Me: Hi. (note no name acknowledgment when calling at 11 pm)
Client: You'll still be there for a couple of more hours, right? 

Lesson for the day: Despite a graduate degree and a post graduate degree, bar licenses in two jurisdictions and international finance law experience in two major international law firms, the kid from the hedge fund can still make you feel like a slave.

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