Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday night dinners

L. and I like having friends over for dinner on Saturday nights. I usually make a salad, while L. (or me, depending on when the guests arrive) makes pasta and grills steaks/lamb chops/fish. The average wine bottle consumption, with one friend over for dinner, is usually two - a white for before dinner, and a red for during dinner. A box of Royce chocolate is usually dessert

The dynamic of having people over at your home for a meal is different from meeting them in a restaurant (at least here in Hong Kong). At home everyone is more relaxed, everyone eats more (possibly because they think they'll offend our cooking skills if they don't) and drinks more. Conversation is also more far-ranging (dinner with J.S. revolved around Hong Kong cinema, dinner with A. was all about life back home in Manila, while dinner with P. and A. last night was strangely about the telecom industry in Southeast Asia) and, to my mind, more sincere.

We're about to leave for another continent in a month, and L. and I know a combined total of 6 people living in that area of Europe (with a markedly lower rate of possible visitors as compared to HK). We're also intent on seeing as many new places as much as the weekends and our vacation leaves will allow. Perhaps our Saturday night dinners will have to take a hiatus.

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