Sunday, July 20, 2008

Junk Boat Trip

I was allotted the use of my firm's junk boat last Saturday for my own private use. Ten people joined me and L. on a trip to Lamma Island.

The trip didn't start well, as the winds were pretty strong and the boat was rocking back and forth badly. Around three people's stomachs didn't enjoy this very much, but the others were snacking on chips and cheese and drinking beer.

Luckily all ten of my guests (and myself) were still on the boat when we got to Lamma. It's actually picturesque, and definitely off the beaten track:

We did a thirty minute walk/hike to what is supposedly the best restaurant on the island - the restaurant specialized in seafood, as well as the bird I hate the most, the pigeon:

I really learned how to despise these birds while living in New York - they're dirty, they smell and are really rude (they also have creepy red eyes). However, they do taste good, so I suppose they're still a step ahead of rats.

Aside from pigeons, we also had garlic crabs, steamed fish and fresh prawns. It was a really good meal, and the table conversation was fun - with topics ranging from Deadwood to Hong Kong cab drivers.

The trip back to Central was much better than the trip going to Lamma. I was able to get a few nice pictures coming in to Hong Kong harbor, one of which is this one, starring the building I work in.

Hong Kong is a wonderful city.

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