Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dragonboat Sunday and Disneyland Monday

Last weekend was a three day weekend. L. and I went to two places we'd never been to before. One place was wholesome, and the other was, well, colorful.

Dragonboat Sunday

Every year, all the big companies in Hong Kong, in a show of camaraderie, field teams for the dragonboat races. My own firm had one team, and L.'s firm had their own team, but being the great athletes that we are, L. and I both decided to show our support by showing up at the races and cheering our respective teams on.

We arrived at Stanley on a Sunday morning and the beach was teeming with people. A little further off was a small jetty, where tons of motorboats were ferrying people to and from their company "junks" (a funny term for a Chinese boat, considering a junk has the conveniences of a small yacht). Each junk had a big streamer with the name of the company or firm occupying it, and loud music blared from each one. In each junk were (mostly white) women in bikins, (mostly white) men were in shorts, and they were dancing and drinking and getting burned by the hot summer sun. And no one seemed to pay attention to the races.

So it turns out these dragonboat races are just an excuse for everyone to party and get drunk. As I got on the junk I was immediately handed a beer and told to go to the top deck where you could "see the races". You could see the dragonboats from there, but of course, that wasn't the point. 
Ahh, the life of a Hong Kong expat! 

Disneyland Monday

To make-up for the excesses of Sunday (and Friday and Saturday), L. and I decided to do something wholesome for Monday. 

Both of us had never been to Hong Kong Disneyland before, and it was surprisingly fun. Our favorites were the Buzz Lightyear interactive adventure ride (where you each carried guns to shoot at evil peons of Emperor Zorg), Mickey's Philarmagic Show (a 10 minute 3-D cartoon with smells and real bubbles and water sprays to go with the 3-D experience) and of course, Space Mountain (is it age, or don't you guys think this ride is absolutely trippy?)

There was also a really enjoyable parade called Mickey's Waterworks Parade. The different floats all sprayed water on the people watching the parade on Main Street, and because it was blisteringly hot, getting wet was a good thing.

Life lesson learned: Three days of boozing can be cured by a day in Disneyland! 

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