Monday, June 2, 2008

Bangkok Weekend

I was in Bangkok over the weekend for Loan Negotiation Training. Being a good associate and grateful as I was for this generous opportunity from my employer to help me become a better lawyer, I made sure I ate a lot of Thai food, had many foot massages, went shopping and spent one night happily buzzed.

Eighteen (relatively) young associates from three of the firm's Asian offices congregated at the very serious and academically inclined convention center - the Marriott Resort and Spa. Here's what it looks like from the outside:

Faced with this daunting facade, I realized the firm meant business when it said we had to take the training seminar seriously. In fact, the firm gave us all a junior suite each, just so that we could concentrate on our work at night. 

I arrived at the hotel at 8 p.m., and I immediately went straight to work at the Oasis spa, where I had the annoying task of going through a traditional foot massage with a mint and jasmine scrub. Here's a picture of the spa:

As it was only 10 p.m. when I finished my spa ordeal, I decided to join some colleagues for a simple dinner of Thai seafood at the local market. Being young and sprightly, we all went to the night market after dinner where we grudgingly went shopping.

The next day was the true training day, so we of course had three buffet meals to keep us all happy. At night, we continued to toil at Sky Bar, an open air bar at the roof top of a 63 storey building. The skyline of Bangkok is spread out in front of you, to the tune of a live blues band. Here's a picture:

We made our way after that to a club named Twist, which went well with our..uhm.. heightened sense of perception.  The bar there was neon and heat sensitive (an initial ripple appears on the countertop when exposed to heat, and when it detects movement, waves form to follow the direction of the movement), so while the others of our group danced, I sat with K. and we experimented with the bar countertop with our hands and tumblers of drinks, and the result was truly amusing and awesome (but, I am sure, only for the enlightened).

The next day, I was hung over with dread as we neared the end of our training. It looked like everyone was too, and the partners of the firm (God bless them), asked the resort to make our coffees extra strong while we spurted out words like "relevant inter-bank market" and "ratcheting margin" to keep ourselves focused.

Our one last hurrah for this weekend was a (huge) chili crab lunch. With tom yung kung. And green curry chicken. And fried squid. And shrimp rice.

Bangkok is unbelievably boring.

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