Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Negotiator

I attended a negotiation seminar today. As with other training seminars, I tried to keep a low profile - I can usually sit through these things for hours on end without saying anything, as I am, by nature, hard-core anti-social. 

I should have realized, being a NEGOTIATION seminar, I might be expected to speak and, well, practice negotiating. Which is exactly what happened. I had to talk - and talk a lot. So much for an effortless legit 8 non-billable hours.

What all this talking helped me realize was, no matter how much of a push-over I think I am, I can actually be a mean girl when it comes to bargaining. In one of the exercises, one girl said I got what I wanted because I lied (gasp!), when in truth I was just bluffing a little (I think). 

Lesson for today: Hooray! I can be a bi-atch!

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