Sunday, May 25, 2008

Make Me a Michelada!

My post-graduate education in New York did not solely center upon law and finance; a large(r) part of it concerned my inculcation into the fine art of food and beverages. Given I was living below the poverty line at that time, my culinary experiences were usually centered on curious sausages and developing country cuisine I could sample cheaply in Queens, as well as curious cocktails I could get at some random party where there were pretzels, lots of drink, and lots of other stuff as well.

One cocktail that I could never forget was the Michelada. Prior to my alcoholic enlightenment, I was a strictly new world red/vodka tonic type of girl, and the height of exoticism would be an amaretto sour. However, Bacchus had other plans for me. On one cold winter night, a Mexican friend lured me into a little dive somewhere on the Upper West ("I'll let you taste REAL Mexican food so you can stop eating those ridiculous burritos!) (N.B. Burritos are not found anywhere in Mexico!) and taught me how to eat Mole and really really spicy enchiladas. Great meal, but the highlight of the night was the Michelada - a nice tall glass of Corona with limes, chiles, salt and other happy stuff. After that night, I was smitten. This was my cocktail of choice.

Soon after, I had to move out of New York in order work and get out of poverty. Sadly, Singapore and (much later) Hong Kong did not have any Mexican food other than the Tex-Mex kind, nor did they have cocktails other than the usual bar kinds.  And then I bought a magazine that had a recipe for Micheladas.
I made it just before I started writing this blog. Above is the finished product, together with the ingredients. Que bien!

Come over to Hong Kong you guys. I'll whip up some Micheladas and you can tell me how it is the best drink ever.

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