Friday, May 9, 2008

Four Queens

Finished reading "Four Queens" by Nancy Goldstone last night.

It's about four sisters from the thirteenth century who epitomized marrying well. One became queen of France, one became queen of England, one became queen of Germany and one became queen of Rome. Not bad.

Pretty good basic read if you're interested in thirteenth century Europe. My take on this book: its not really about the Four Queens, but is instead about the men they married and the other important people around them. Too bad women couldn't really do anything significant in government those days (or at least, whatever they did was hardly documented). But I suppose making the Four Queens the unifying element to the novel, and intimating history from their perspective, makes for an interesting narration.

Funny gossip I took away from this book: it appears that Marguerite, the wife of Louis IX of France (who was later canonized as a saint), was having an affair with Louis IX's biographer, a knight called Joinville. The saint knew, but it looks like he didn't care and kept himself busy organizing crusades.