Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Early morning thoughts

I woke up this morning before my alarm went off. As haziness turned to clarity I began remembering the different things I had to do today, and I felt my anxiety rising:

"I need to get hold of that Indian counsel before noon. But he's on holiday. I wonder if he'll hate me for calling him up. Do I even have his mobile number? He wouldn't check his balckberry too often if he's on vacation."

"The guy I get work from will be sent on secondment. Who will I report to while he's away? Hope I don't get assigned to grumpy partner and scary partner."

"L.'s parents are arriving tomorrow. I have extra towels, toiletries, bottles of water. Anything else?"

"What will I do in Amsterdam if we do decide to move there?"

And so on and so forth, until my alarm rings (I hit on snooze) and my alarm rings again.

Good morning world!

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