Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chinese food

L.'s parents are here in Hong Kong to visit, and we've been eating a lot of Chinese food lately. Of course, "Chinese food" is a loose term, and it would be more correct to say that we had Pekingese food last night, and Cantonese food this morning.

What is real Chinese food? Given the marked differences in cuisine which each region of China has to offer, calling all these cuisines  "Chinese" seems to be as incorrect as calling all "noodles" "spaghetti".  Here's a quick tour of how I experienced "Chinese" food in the different countries where I've lived:

The Philippines

Ahh. Lumpiang Shanghai and Pancit Canton. I think Chinese food Philippine-style is a bit on the salty/sour side, which suits my palate perfectly. Forgive my uncouthness, but I fervently believe that one of the best foods ever invented by mankind is Lucky Me instant pancit canton chili-mansi.

New York,U.S.A.

Chinese food helped me survive with my poor graduate student income in New York. It was also the closest thing to Filipino food in Morningside Heights (well, there was the Thai restaurant, but that's another blog). General Tso's chicken and whatever else came in that little box  = salvation!


One of the best things about living in Singapore is that you get great food for really cheap. Also, the combination of Chinese food with that other great cuisine, Indian, made me a very happy person. Chicken Rice and Fish Head Curry! Yay!