Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The best TV show ever!

The best TV show ever is Deadwood.

Thanks to whoever thought of selling TV series in DVD format. I got into this show pretty late (about two years after the entire series ended) and I think it will go down in entertainment history as a classic.

The characters are well-developed, the script is extremely well-written, the set looks authentically gritty and I love the pseudo-history of it all.

It's too bad the show got cancelled (the third season was obviously made to transition into the fourth). There have been many really good TV shows these past few years (e.g., The Wire, Friday Night Lights, The Sopranos) but nothing quite gripped me as much as Deadwood. I finished all three seasons in two weeks (thanks for slowing down, US economy!) and I want to swear like Al Swearangen but I might sound like I have Tourette's Syndrome. Also, a colleague of mine is beginning to look like Mr. Wu.

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Junieroyale said...

You should watch chuck...It's pretty funny