Sunday, May 18, 2008

Almost Eleven Months Married

A lot of people have been asking me how married life has been. This is a complex question, and while I may give the normal and expected replies ("It's been great", "We've been happy"), we all know we live in the real world, and marriage makes both of you face the real world together. And that, I guess, is how married life is  - you experience the real world separately, but in the end you need to need to process, react and continue on together. 

When L. and I got married we made major changes to our lives in order to be together and to have some normalcy - we both started new jobs (he took a break from his PhD writing to work in a law firm and I had to switch law firms) and we both moved to a new country (he moved from Connecticut, I moved from Singapore). Sacrifices were made, but it all worked out. A large part of the bliss that came with the big move to Hong Kong was the fact that we hardly knew anyone here, meaning we only had each other to keep company. The lack of family around made choosing and decorating an apartment, doing household chores, and learning how to cook truly took us inside each other's personalities and character. 

L. and I have settled into a simple and comfortable routine which makes us both happy, the highlights of which involve a home-cooked meal, a bottle (or two) of wine, our apartment and our very comfortable couch. There are also the weekly dinner dates and holidays abroad. 

And so this is how married life been after almost eleven months: We continue to love being in each other's company and we continue on together.

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learning how to cook

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