Thursday, May 8, 2008

Afternoons in the office

It's another slow day at work. I'm waiting for: (x) offices in Luxembourg and the Ukraine to open; (y) Mauritius counsel to come back from lunch; and (z) Cyprus counsel to finish her phone call. As soon as I'm done talking to them I need to revise an agreement and then my day should be done. But then again, I may have shot myself in the foot and gotten all laywer forces in the cosmos to give me more work by writing that down.


Given my peculiar background, I am a bit older than my peers here in the office. In soldier terms, I think I've done several tours of duty, as compared to this being their first or second. Yes, belaboring that point further - we're first and second year marines, and I've done time in the navy, in the army and in the air force before joining the marines. They've always started out as marines, and trained in Annapolis. I went to (name local jurisdiction here) Military Academy, joined the army, the navy and the air force, and then to Annapolis for special training.


Idle talk. I think I named my blog correctly.

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